Radio Republik Indonesia

It may have been all of a sudden, but I was asked by one of the teachers at Smart Ekselensia to join her in their weekly english radio show where they encourage people to talk in english. Their moto itself was “speak english no matter what”, which gives you an idea of what the show was about. The show was done with Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) at their centre in Bogor. Every week, one teacher, some students and a guest appear in the radio show and they talk about various important topics for the whole of Indonesia to listen to. I was told to have a basic idea about the differences between western culture and eastern culture for the show, as the topic for discussion that week was about the western culture.

It was an amazing experience as it was the first ever radio show of my life. Well, not really the first as I had done a mock up radio show in my class when I was in school. Anyway, keeping the trip down the memory lane aside, this radio show was my first with a live audience.

The interview was good, and it went exactly as I hoped it would. It started off with them asking me about my life as a student in UK, and then moved on to the differences between eastern and western culture. Since I was a person who was an Indian, who lived in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the UK, it was quite easy to talk about the topic as I have lived in all those places with different people from different cultures and religions.

I was also invited a second time, which was in the month of Ramadhan. This time, however, I was asked to talk about fasting in the month of Ramadhan in the UK. I really enjoyed talking about it, as fasting in the UK is completely different compared to fasting in a muslim country. Overall, both of the radio interviews were an amazing experience for me.

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