Smart School for Smart Students

So it was my second day in Indonesia when I visited a school in Bogor. I had settled in quite well, had all the rest I needed, and it was now time to get working. Fortunately for me, I arrived in Indonesia just a day before ‘Smart Ekselensia’, a school run by Dompet Dhuafa Republika (the NGO), had it’s annual function. The school was right beside ‘Masyarakat Mandiri’, a network of Dompet Dhuafa which was based in Bogor. The school has about 150 students, all boys. I was ofcourse, invited to attend the function.

Students of Smart Ekselensia
Students of Smart Ekselensia during their annual graduation function

Since it was still just a day since I had arrived in Indonesia, I wasnt really given much work. Also, it was a Saturday so it was quite obvious. My first work day started on a Monday just like everyone else. The function, just like any other function lasted a few hours. I was there from the start to the end. It was pretty interesting to see this particular graduation function as it also contained some of the cultural programmes as well. Since I’d never have been to Indonesia before, I got to see some pretty good dances and performances by them related to their culture. There were dances and musical performances by the students of all age groups. Pretty interesting start for a month in Indonesia :)

Proud parents with their son during the graduation ceremony
Proud parents with their son during the graduation ceremony

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